Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Men Loves Women

In The Nude
I wonder why more women aren't wearing the color nude? Is it old fashion or is it coming back into fashion? Nude color bras seems to solve the Visible Bra syndrome, especially when she wears white or sheer blouses. Of course, with women these days, showing off the bra seems to be the in-thing. That's why we love them.

When I started in the retail industry, one of the most fun I had was the crash course in Bra & Ladies Innerwear. You can see why it was so much fun for a 20 year old guy, right?

Acne Treatment
With all the facial cleansers and anti-acne products in the market, you would assume that acne will be a thing of the past. So how come we have got more products than we can sell? And acne cures are doing good sales in the form of ebooks. Seriously, how do you expect to maintain a clear complexion if you love potato crisps and other snacks? The late nights out partying, the stress from work, and just about everything else?

Dieting & Fat Loss

How many of you know women who diet? All hands up. How many of you know women who knows how to diet properly? No show of hands. Just about every woman I know thinks that dieting means not eating, or cutting back on everything they eat. Then they wonder why their body isn't burning up its store of fat. Well, I got news for you, old news to be frank but many just don't get it. Your body needs food to function period. The key to losing fat is to burn them off in aerobic activities. Just make sure you work out, eating normal portions, and don't starve yourself. Your body needs food to burn off your excess fat, it is how the body works. What's so hard to understand?

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  1. The Bimbo says:

    That's right. Very few women know how to diet properly. The calories used must exceed the calories taken in by 200-300 before any weight loss is seen.. mmm BUT HEY it's not easy being a woman you know.

    :) The best acne treatment is lots of water and plenty of sleep. :)

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